No coding required

Build beautiful websites. In light speed

Launch websites from Notion,Google Sheets, GitHub or Airtable



Customize most of your Pagely site
with widgets, styles and more…

Takes less than a minute

Creating and deploying a Pagely site from Notion, Airtable, Google Sheets or GitHub takes less than a minute of your valuable time

Static Pages

All the Pagely sites are statically rendered in the server so that your site always remains lightning fast. Your Pagely site can have some dynamics pieces too

SEO Friendly

Since all the sites are static, it makes it easy for crawlers such as Googlebot to index the pages which results in better seo

Custom styles

Don't like the default styles? You can style your Pagely site and customize it to your hearts content and make it look different

Automatic pretty URLs

Get a SEO and human friendly, recogonizable URL for all your sub pages. This makes the URLs not look like spammy ones.

And much more

This is only the tip of the iceberg. There's still a loooot more that you can do with Pagely. Discover them in the guides section